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another mod out - 2023/9/1

ive been working on this for a month or 2

i coded for it

My mod got featured - 2023/8/16

the mod i made yesterday got featured

pretty cool


New fnf mod - 2023/8/15

i made a new fnf mod

cya later

Vacation - 2023/8/12

ive been in turkey the last week

it was nice

a mod i worked on released

Forgot bout this - 2023/8/4

im back

i forgot about this lol

ive made some stuff the past month

like this mod

live also joined 3 mods

and i made my own character ai thing


and thats about it

see you next time

An Idea - 2023/7/15

Im thinking of making a one shot mod for FNF

it might be fun

The test - 2023/7/15


if your seeing this.

hell yeah.




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